Untitled, An Example   150*189cm   hahnemuhle photo paper   2021

Bounce Ten Layers   80*100cm  hahnemuhle photo paper  2021

Layers Practices   80*60cm  hahnemuhle photo paper  2021

Untitled ( 4 Layers)   80*120cm  hahnemuhle photo paper  2020

Nature Morte Practices   120*180cm  hahnemuhle photo paper  2021

Untitled, An Example

When a black square smeared on a wall appears in a physical space, it becomes a tangible, functional entity as it delineates the space. Common spatial, visual languages include the presentation of perspectives, and of human movements; as the surface is being photographed, however, it returns to the original flat dimension. The black square in the background and the concealed grey oval are spatial references, in a total image that consists of fragments of plants of variable sizes, and in different places and positions. In this flat game, the narrative and the positioning of fragments are decided by the photographers changing distance as she takes photographs. As the elements are being placed, the frames of the photographs are being emphasised as flat entities.

Bounce Ten Layers

Flatness appears when the arrows do  dynamics emerge as the numerous layers phase.