The Tree No. 1   2014-2016

The Tree No. 2   2014-2016

The Tree No. 3  2017

160 x 224 cm 

Ultra giclee

Images as déjà vu sensibility conjure combined momentary and fragmentary experiences. Then, what are images that are not confined by time, what are their inward relationships to people. Once we have experienced images from reality, the images in our mind have been filtered in time and space, the series “trees” are representations taken consideration of the visual impression, these trees have not only preserved the form of its original viewing, but has added impressions of the viewer’s experience – the impression of its overall scenario. This series captures over hundreds of trees within the same period of time from various angle, every tree is a collage of various details from many trees. In the course of the collage, I have purposefully mixed up the original structural and perspectives of the tree, in order to restore the overall impression of the environment, while maintaining the entirety of the tree. In the objective process of this viewing experience, the image embodies the entire environment. 


Experiencing a tree, experienced a tree.