Fan Xi graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2009 and currently lives and works in Beijing. In her long-term practice, Fan Xi explored the profound impact of spatial and psychological distance and the act of distancing on sensorial experience. Working in photography, film, sculpture and installation, she examines the interwoven relationships between everyday experience, the production of fictions, and heterogeneous times.


Recent exhibitions include: “Temptation” HK Basel, Hong Kong(2022); Stepping Out! Female Identities in Chinese Contemporary Art”, Lillehammer Kunst Museum, Norway (2022); “The Dream Site”, PTT SpaceTaibei(2021); “IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL” Golden Eagle Museum of Art, Nanjing (2021); “Alienacion de La Naturaleza”, Biblioteca Miguel de Cervantes, Shanghai(2021); “Stroll”, Cloud Art Musuem, Shenzhen(2021); “Within 5m”, CLC Gallery Venture, Beijing (2021); “When to sail?”, Guangdong Museum Of Art, Guangzhou (2020); “Casting Votes”, CLC Gallery Venture, Beijing (2020); “L’s living room”, Konfuzius-Institut Nurnberg-Erlangen, Nurnberg(2020); “PEER TO PEER”, Shanghai Center of Photography, Shanghai (2019); “PEER TO PEER”, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool (2019); “A Composite Leviathan”, Luring Augustine, New York, Bridge Projects, Los Angeles (2019/2020); “Have a Nice DAY!”, Room 105, Baishu Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing (2018); “After Sunset”, Gallery Liusa Wang, Paris (2018); “Le déplacement ”, Gallery Liusa Wang, Paris (2018); “Bad New Days Ahead”, Tai Kang Space, Beijing (2017); “Reduction of Image”, Yang Gallery, Beijing (2016); “The Black Dwarf/Part 2”, Star Gallery, Beijing (2014) and “The Black Dwarf/Part 1”, Star Gallery, Beijing (2013).