She graduated from the Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Art (Beijing). Living and working in Beijing. Her practices mainly develop out of images. Objects are positioned in a space to induce the spectators’ movements. What interests Fan Xi is the relation to space, environment, and all the links that are organized between her artworks and the spectators. By presenting these “relational liaisons”, the artist wishes to create new points of entries and new layers of meaning. Grouping and juxtaposing objects in the physical space, Fan dissolves the original notions of the “object”, and brings the discussions and contentions of the illusory and the real to focusing on the non-objects such as status, relation, condition, and temporality. These alternative relations allow the limited visual forms to extend into the unlimited non-visual space.



Her recent shows include PEER TO PEER(2019), Shanghai Center of Photography; Ls living room”(2019), Jimei Arles, Xiamen; PEER TO PEER(2019), Open Eye GalleryLivepool; Have a Nice DAY!(2018),Room 105, Baishu Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing; After Sunset(2018), Gallery Liusa Wang, Pairs; The Same But Also Changed (2018), Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai; Le déplacement (2018), Gallery Liusa Wang, Pairs; theNegative Positive (2018), Wan Ying Art Museum, Shijiazhuang; Bad New Days Ahead (2017), Tai Kang Space, Beijing;  As a Blue Sign (2017), Qi Mu Space, Beijing;   The Staged Club (2017), Hong Kun Museum of Fine Art, Beijing; A Scene · Being (2017) Institute for Provocation, Beijing; Art form Beijing (2017), S.E Gallery, Bergen; New Photography Choice(2017), la villa des arts, Paris; Distanciation Dawan Art Foundation (2017), Paris; Reduction of Image (2016), Yang Gallery, Beijing; We May Have Met Before-Chinese Contemporary Photography (2015), Foam Amsterdam, Amsterdam; Through the Body: Lens-based works by Contemporary Chinese Women Artists Through the Body: Lens-based works by Contemporary Chinese Women Artists (2014), the University of Toronto Art Centre, Toronto; The Black Dwarf/Part 2 (2014), Star Gallery, Beijing; The Black Dwarf/Part 1 (2013), Star Gallery, Beijing.