Single channel HD video, colour, sound
, 16:9, 1717’’

In Summer 2019, Fan Xi was the artist-in-residence on the island of Pulau Dinawan, Malaysia. Unlike other tourist spots in the region, Pulau Dinawan was largely undeveloped - the island was for the most part naturally wild. In the shooting process, the artist lowered the speed of the camera lens; therefore, in the video work, the camera resembles to a greater extent the human eye, effectively replacing it in the process of hastily touching optically the rain forest that looks like at once cold walls and humid, secret passages. The view in sight absorbs one into the maze-like, soaking wet forest, yet the piano soundtrack pulls one back into a cultural context that is in comparison dry and dull. The space-time that lasts 1717’’ in an anti-monumentalist fashion concludes a journey that has no beginnings nor ends.