Nail, Hahnemühle film


The Pulau Dinawan is an atoll; in the middle of it, is a hill surrounded by rain forests. It is not easily accessible, but is surrounded by wildly interweaving tropical plants. Fan Xi was inexplicably seduced by the area when she was the artist-in-residence on the island, and looked forward to venturing deep into it. At night, the rain forest that was not lit by any means was stunningly horrifying. Fan Xi: After being summoned by the desire for about a week, I finally threw myself into this trap. She took a large number of photos as she ventured forth, and re-staged for When to sail the seductive and horrifying rain forest labyrinth. Manipulated by the artist via digital and analogue means, the captured and flattened plants once again becomes voluminous as it inhabits a new dimensional body, and brings about an uncanny dizziness. The narrative structure of seduction or trap often appears in Western and Oriental myths alike, pertaining frequently to anthropomorphization or deification of nature. By creating a paradoxical space through natural and artificial lightings, Fan XiTemptation tears apart or closes the spiritual relationship between human and nature.