Convergence  80*120cm  2015

Untitled  50*70cm  2013

Curtain  80*120cm  2014

Passage  50*70cm  2015

Simultaneity  60*90cm  2013

Vigilance  60*90cm  2014 

 Instant  80*120cm  2016 

One Of  80*120cm  2015

Nothing  70*105cm  2013 

Tang  80*120cm  2014


I’ve been trying to search for a point of entrance on the image that transcends its temporality, disrupts the chronology of the physical narrative, which would allow the viewer to enter a field underneath the surface. Restoring made me realize the complexity of the object in the physical reality, through which to hopefully establish a channel of communication with the viewer. 


Time Length adopts the method of over-exposure to an extreme that information of the image is replaced by blinding whiteness, leaving the simplest “contour”, a process of reduction as a method of thinking and allows the photographs to recycle, and extend the time of the framed image. 


This is not only the traces I have observed in my surrounding, but it is also a path into the image through photography.