The relationship between people and space, matter (material) and images is dynamic and constantly changing, appearing and subsiding. Therefore, all images are produced through moves, created by interventions from visitors and material in the space. Simultaneously, the work as a whole forms a visual transformation of daily-life material via interventions of time (materialized by light).


I consider more on how these elements function as a whole, and focus more on the process of transformation: at night, light will make a spatial arrangement out of the photos in the narrow corridor and the construction materials in the front space. It is all about alterations, or you can say it is a reminder, a reminder of temporality. In a broader sense, the exhibition is also a part of the temporal flow. When one moves out from the exhibition site, the exhibition will be diluted, blurred, and then becomes uncertain after clashing with the next experience or things. It may become an encounter that nothing happens. But such changes that follow are very consistent, just like our life experience.