Le déplacement

Galerie Liusa Wang
15 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris


FAN Xi is born in Shandong, she graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy Center of Fine Arts of China. She picks up, modifies and assembles images and materials to create whole new pieces. Humans and their surroundings occupy a central position in her work approach.


Objects are positioned in the exhibition space inducing movements of the visitor. What interests FAN Xi is the relation to space, environment, and all these links that are organized between her artworks and the spectators.


Each element participates to the same choreography in the universe created by FAN Xi : from still objects to the wandering spectators, to the organising eye of the artist.


The fruits are exhibited (or hidden) in small cubes made of reflective mirrors. This creates multiple viewing angles. The function of the fruit is transformed. The artist gives it a whole new meaning : to reflect this questioning on the multiple perspectives we can have in a given space, and thus to question reality perceived through our own subjectivity.


There precisely lies her interest. That with her subjective observation of the universal cognition. She may be part of the device, still she considers her position as independent from the connection of other elements. In this sense, she also questions reality and illusion. Each detail reflects and participates in everything. The visual, tangible, objectal form is transfigured into an infinite abstract space.


Through photographs, the distance between the public and the object is reinforced. But in this very work "Déplacement", the distance between the spectator and the works are insufficient since the image is so big in the gallery space. This induces a more intimate relationship because of near distance.

 Vision, delusion, perspectives as a subjective experience of reality are questioned through experimentation here.