Distanciation Paris project


Fan Xi - Distanciation + Paris project2 february -10 march 2017  

Fan Xi used to study sculpture. After receiving years of academic training in realism, she became bored withthe subjectivity concealed in such false "realism." Thus she devotedherself to photography, because in her opinion photography is intrinsicallyobjective and the relationship between the photographer and his or her subjectis more equal.
Fan Xi aims to create a sense ofdistance in her work, whether through a self-invented technique of filmcorrosion or with surreal scenography. In order to prevent the viewers fromgetting too emotionally involved in these illusory images, the artist changesperspectives, sets obstacles and reforms structures, thereby turning watchinginto observation and allusion into exploration. Fan Xi’s work liberates imagesfrom the restraints of viewfinders or frames, transforming our perception ofphotos into an act of engaged response rather than one of passive viewing.